Defective Highway Design

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At The McClellan Law Firm, we think outside of the box in order to fully assist our clients in recovering what they deserve after serious car accidents. This may involve examining the details of a collision in order to ascertain whether or not the design of the roadway played a role in the incident.

From 2005-2007, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted an in-depth survey of the cause of car collisions. The information they found was incredibly enlightening. For example, of all the car crashes that were caused by weather or road conditions, over 75% were caused by highway conditions.

In addition, over 25% were caused due to obstructions or designs inherent to the highway. That represents 13,494 crashes. These included poor road maintenance, bad sign placement, or harmful intersections.

Examples of dangerous highway design aspects may include:
  • Insufficient shoulders
  • Missing signals, signs, or guardrails
  • Overgrown roadside trees or shrubs
  • Weak bridges and other design elements, including overpasses
  • Construction zones that are not properly marked off or partitioned
  • Poorly designed intersections, on-ramps, off-ramps, and curves
  • Railroad crossings that are not properly protected or marked
  • Distressed pavement, exemplified by potholes, serious cracks, and rough patches

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Government transportation agencies are funded by taxpayer dollars. They are responsible for protecting drivers and ensuring that roadways in the United States are clear and safe. If you or your family suffered a serious injury or fatality because of a car accident that occurred on a badly designed roadway, we have the skill and sophisticated legal prowess to uncover the evidence necessary to promote your case and protect your rights.

Other firms overburden their attorneys in order to make a profit, but at The McClellan Law Firm, we never sacrifice our clients' interests for our bottom line. This is why we limit our caseload to no more than 15 cases at a time. This means we are able to devote the full impact of our attention and experience to your case.

Our commitment has paid off time and again. Attorney Craig McClellan is a three-time recipient of the "Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award" from the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, and he recently was voted 2014 Lawyer of the Year for personal injury and product liability by Best Lawyers®. Learn more about our award-winning injury practice - call The McClellan Law Firm today to set up a free case consultation over the phone.

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