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Fatal accidents claim the lives of three California skydivers

Craig McClellan

For some people, a fatal accident conjures up the image of a very bad car crash. But fatal accidents are not limited to motor vehicle accidents. In fact, fatal accidents can occur in any number of circumstances.

Recently, a fatal accident occurred in the skies above Southern California. Two skydivers collided in mid-air; their parachutes got tangled and both fell 200 feet to the ground. One of the skydivers died from the injuries in the hospital while the other remains in critical condition. This is not the first time that skydiving jumps have turned deadly.

In late March, two men were skydiving and collided in the same airspace as the most recent accident. Both men were killed in the accident. This past weekend, a group of skydivers took a plunge to honor one of the men who died who had been a skydiving instructor.

No known safety violations

There is no existing evidence that shows anything directly responsible for the deaths of the veteran skydivers. Investigators have studied the accident scenes, the number of divers jumping at one time, the weather conditions, the plane and the parachutes and have yet to find a reason why any of the accidents happened.

The airport's skydiving record

The airport in California where the accidents took place is a popular spot for skydivers. More than 150,000 jumps are made there each year, most of them safely and without consequence. However, since 2000, a dozen skydivers have been killed during jumps with the latest three fatalities in very close sequence. Airport officials are still wondering just what could have happened to cause the recent sky diving deaths, asserting that all safety precautions were followed.