High Number of Speeding Tickets Written in One San Diego Spot

Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Dec 19, 2011

After a thorough evaluation of speeding tickets issued on a one year period, it's clear that law enforcement officers throughout San Diego are targeting a few spots. One in particular, the area of College Avenue between El Cajon Boulevard and Montezuma Road, was the site of 1,700 citations, which was 11 percent of all tickets issued.

The second area for number of tickets was less than half of the tickets issued near San Diego State University. Ideally, officers target the most dangerous areas for speeders to prevent San Diego car accidents rather than focusing on areas because of revenue or financial concerns.

The high number of speeding tickets in one concentrated area in San Diego is causing many to evaluate whether the police are motivated by safety or by revenue. The Watchdog on SignOn San Diego reported that "while some of the areas targeted for enforcement have crash histories that invite police attention, factors such as community complaints about speeders play a role, too."

Speeding or other illegal actions while driving significantly contribute to serious and fatal car accidents. The speed limit is in place because law enforcement officials and highway and transportation officials have decided that in the location, the posted speed limit is the safest speed for pedestrians, bicyclists and car drivers and passengers.

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