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New Technology Could Reduce Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

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Imagine if the cell phone in your pocket could protect you from getting hit by a car. Does it sound too futuristic to be true? Think again! That fantasy could become a reality soon as experimental technology is being tested by Honda that would prevent all types of motor vehicle collisions, including collisions with pedestrians, using a tool that almost everyone in America already has access to: A cell phone.

How Does the Technology Work?

The technology demonstrated by Honda is part of a movement to give cars the power to avoid accidents without driver intervention. Computer chips in phones would communicate with chips in the vehicle to determine when the car is on a collision course with a pedestrian, car, a motorcycle, or other vehicle.

Interconnected systems such as those utilized in the prototypes being tested could result in drivers receiving a warning signal—such as a flashing light or alarm—when a potential collision is detected. These systems could also be equipped to allow the vehicle to make an emergency stop on its own, without the driver depressing the brake pedal, if a collision is imminent. A Honda representative suggested that these devices could be equipped in production vehicles by the end of the decade.

Smart Technology Continues to Improve & Save Lives

Safety technology has been at the forefront of improvements and advancements in traffic safety over the years. Seat belts, air bags, improved brakes, and countless other advancements have helped people survive accidents that would have been fatal in the past, when those advancements were not yet available.

Connected vehicle technology has the potential to reduce the number of serious and even fatal accidents that occur every year on American roads. But will Americans be receptive to it? Every new form of technology sounds strange at first and may contain a learning curve. Eventually, however, using smart phones to prevent accidents may become as common, accepted, and appreciated as airbags and other safety devices that were once only concepts.

If You Were Hurt in an Accident, Get Help

In 2012, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), more than 4,700 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic accidents in the United States. Those injured totaled approximately 76,000. This translates to a pedestrian death in an accident every two hours, and a pedestrian injury in an accident every seven minutes. These numbers are unacceptable.

Many different forms of negligence and error can cause pedestrian accidents. Often, accidents are caused simply because drivers are distracted—perhaps by something as minor as texting or changing the radio station. Pedestrians are at an especially high risk of injury in an accident since they have no protection. In the past, automobile drivers have benefited from all the advancements in safety technology, such as airbags and crumple zones. Technologies such as the smart phone alert system currently being tested by Honda could provide pedestrians with added safety.

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