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Bicycling Accidents Cause More Brain Injuries Than Football

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Football-related brain injuries have been a top news story lately, making headlines throughout the United States. This contact sport has been associated with many head injuries in teenagers and adults throughout the country. You may be surprised to learn, however, that football is not the leading sport for brain injuries. In fact, bicycling causes more brain injuries in the United States than any other sport or recreational activity.

Bicycle Injury Statistics in the United States

In 2009, approximately 86,000 people visited emergency rooms in the United States with head injuries that had been caused by bicycling accidents. Of the 447,000 sports-related head injuries that year, football accounted for about 47,000 injuries—which is just a little over half the number of bicycle head injuries.

The same ratio exists among children under the age of 14. Bicycle accidents have caused 40,272 head injuries in children in the United States in one year. Compare this number with 21,878 football-related head injuries in the same year. Clearly, parents need to be aware of the dangers of bicycling. Most parents would never dream of letting their child play football without a helmet, but many of those same parents might think that letting their children ride a bicycle without head protection is not dangerous.

Helmets Could Prevent Most Bicycle-Related Head Injuries

Unlike football, where helmets do not prevent the majority of head injuries, head injuries involving bicycling are largely preventable. The problem is that many people refuse to wear helmets while biking. In fact, 90% of all bicyclists killed in bicycle accidents were not wearing helmets.

This is a problem because the head injuries that send bicyclists to the hospital tend to be one-time, large brain injuries. This is different than the mild concussions experienced by football players. In other words, not only are bicycle head injuries more common than football head injuries, but they are also more serious. Bicycle helmets are built to prevent exactly these types of severe and damaging injuries.

Life is too important to take lightly. Biking without a helmet is not only dangerous: It is potentially deadly. Whether you are a recreational cyclist or you use a bicycle as your main mode of transportation, wearing a helmet is an important decision that could even save your life. As a parent, requiring your child to wear a helmet could prevent him / her from sustaining a serious, life-altering brain injury—or worse.

A San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Fight for Your Rights

While a negligent and dangerous decision, failing to wear a helmet does not prevent someone from recovering compensation after a serious or fatal bicycle accident. It is still possible to hold a driver accountable for his or her actions that led to your injury or loss. This includes recovering compensation for any head injuries resulting from the accident.

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