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Community Support After A Drunk Driving Accident: A Father's Thank-You

Craig McClellan

After a serious motor vehicle accident, the emotional toll on victims can be just as great as the physical toll. There can be feelings of loss, regret, anger, depression and so much more. Yet, there can also be positive feelings, like the gratitude a high school coach expressed this Father's Day for the support the San Diego community gave to his family after they were involved in a serious drunk driving accident.

At his high school, the father told the community that his family could do anything with the support they have received from the community. "Our new journey is just beginning," he said, "and we could appreciate any and all continued support as we strive to heal as a whole and move forward as a family." The family has received donations, kind words and even a mass dedicated to their healing. While nothing can give them back their lost time and completely heal all of their injuries, community support can go a long way to help the family move forward.

And healing is exactly what this family is trying to do. The accident, which a drunk driver caused by going the wrong way down State Route 52 on St. Patrick's Day, sent the man's wife and his three daughters to the hospital, where they were treated for multiple serious injuries. Two of the girls were in the hospital for nine days while another spent 75 days there. All together, the family suffered injured ribs, traumatic brain injuries, lung damage, fracture neck, fractured pelvis and other broken bones, concussions and lacerations.

Now, the family sees the world in a new light. "It's a blessing to have [days with the family]. Whatever the trial, the adversity -- I'm looking forward to those days, because I have them," the father told the community. We hope for their continued recovery and that other victims of drunk drivers find the kind of support this family has found in our community.

Source: San Diego 7, " Coach Thanks Supporters of family Injured in Crash," Monica Garske, June 16, 2013