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Rising Numbers Of Deadly Hit-And-Runs

Craig McClellan

Fatal traffic accidents have been decreasing across the country for several years. Unfortunately, the number of fatal hit-and-run accidents has risen. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal accidents in which a driver flees the scene have increased by nearly 14 percent since 2009. The numbers vary significantly by region. In Los Angeles, almost half of motor vehicle crashes see at least one driver flee the scene before authorities can arrive. Many cities have seen increases in hit-and-run accidents, including those involving a fatality. Have you or a loved one suffered from a hit-and-run accident? Talk to our San Diego car accident attorneys for sound legal advice and aggressive representation.

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Victims of Hit-and-Run

Pedestrians are frequent victims of hit-and-run fatalities. Approximately 20 percent of pedestrian deaths are caused by hit-and-run drivers. Three out of five fatal hit-and-run accidents involve a pedestrian. While every case is unique, hit-and-run accidents do share common themes. In many cases, alcohol is involved. Drivers who are intoxicated may not realize they have struck a person or they may be attempting to avoid the consequences of a drunk driving accident. Unlicensed drivers or very young drivers may also be more likely to flee the scene of an accident as they fear police involvement. Unfortunately, by fleeing they may be costing an injured victim a chance to recover through proper medical care.

What Is Being Done to Prevent Hit-and-Run Fatalities?

California has attempted to combat the problem by making laws meant to get tough with perpetrators and help victims hold the negligent driver accountable. Starting next July, the statute of limitations for punishing a driver who is guilty of fleeing the scene will increase from three years to six years. Other states are working to close legal loopholes that encourage people to flee the scene. If intoxicated drivers face a less severe penalty for fleeing the scene than for driving drunk and hitting someone, they have an incentive to flee long enough to hide the evidence of their intoxication.

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