FDA Tracking Codes & Defective Medical Products

Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Sep 24, 2013

When a product fails and causes injury, it is rarely representative of an isolated incident. Whether a product is faulty in its design, construction, materials, packaging, or in some other way, defective products generally fail in bunches, and cause accidents and injuries for multiple users. By speaking with an attorney, you can find out what your options are for your case. Who else has been injured? Is a class action lawsuit in place? Has the product been recalled? These are questions a lawyer can help answer.

How Does the FDA Keep Track of Dangerous Products?

Identifying products that are causing harm in the American marketplace can be a massive and difficult task. In the field of medical devices, there have been significant challenges in pinpointing devices that fail and cause injury. It is also challenging to identify and inform those who may be affected by the defective products of these failures when they are discovered.

In order to address this problem, a new set of rules has been developed by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in order to improve the methods by which defective medical devices are identified. This new method could save lives and help doctors and hospitals react more quickly when a device fails catastrophically. Learn more about this new system for tracking dangerous medical devices.

How Will the FDA Tracking System Work?

The new system will assign each device a code based on its manufacture date and applicable lot number. By entering the code into a patient's health records, it will be a simple matter to identify which patients were the recipients of medical devices that may be defective. This would allow doctors and other healthcare personnel to contact those individuals and provide necessary support and care.

Up until now, it was difficult to identify whether a medical device implanted in a specific person came from a defective lot. Lacking that information, it was difficult to know when a defective batch of medical devices represented a potentially life-threatening situation for an individual. This dangerous situation went unaddressed for far too long. Many people are still at risk of experiencing the adverse affects of these dangerous devices, not knowing that they are in danger.

Call Our Defective Medical Device Lawyers!

Medical device recalls have drawn significant headlines in recent years. Pacemakers, drug pumps, and artificial hips have all drawn headlines after causing serious harm to those who received them. Hopefully, this new FDA tracking system will lead to faster identification of defective lots and fewer injuries and deaths among patients who received them.

For more information, request a free case consultation with a San Diego medical device lawyer at our firm. Call The McClellan Law Firm.

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