Fiery University City Car Crash Claims Driver's Life

Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Aug 13, 2014

A fiery car accident claimed one life early Sunday morning in the University City area of San Diego.

According to the San Diego Police Department, the single-vehicle collision was reported at 3:43am. The accident occurred at 7900 Genesee Avenue, south of Nobel Drive in University City. Police have reported that the driver was traveling north on Genesee when he or she made an unsafe right turn and struck an abutment. The vehicle then burst into flames, and the driver was trapped inside.

The gender, age and name of the driver have not been made available, but the driver perished in the accident.

Authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

With fatal auto accidents, a thorough investigation is the only way to truly understand what sequence of events led up to the collision and why it occurred in the first place. Though the police have suggested that an unsafe lane change ultimately claimed this driver's life, a complete investigation may reveal that some other factor contributed to the accident.

At The McClellan Law Firm, we rightfully place a considerable amount of importance on properly investigating car accident claims on behalf of our clients. In single or multi-vehicle accidents, we may be able to use our resources to determine whether another driver, a defective vehicle part, a dangerous roadway or other factor led to the collision. In determining cause, we can determine liability and then pursue financial compensation from the at-fault party (or parties).

For a free, confidential consultation regarding your case, call a San Diego injury attorney at our firm. We handle motor vehicle accident claims on a contingent fee basis, so you pay no legal fees unless we win. Call today!

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