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6 Surprising Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

The McClellan Law Firm

Even good drivers cause car accidents. From fender-benders to rear-end accidents, these traffic collisions can lead to costly property damage and medical expenses. Weather, wildlife, and road design are responsible for some traffic accidents, but the vast majority of these incidents are caused by human error. Here are six little-known ways to reduce your chances of causing a wreck:

Watch Your Posture

Good posture goes a long way. Not only does it deter neck and back pain, but it prevents muscle fatigue as well. The long term health benefits of good posture include:

  • Decreased risk of arthritis
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved breathing / oxygen flow

Health concerns aren't the only reason to maintain good posture while you drive; studies show that drivers with good posture are more likely to avoid car accidents too. When you drive, sit up straight and make sure that you can easily respond to emergencies. Some experts believe that keeping your hands on the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions on the steering wheel is the safest way to drive.

Know the Limitations of Your Vehicle

Don't overestimate your vehicle's ability to accelerate or slow down. Many accidents are the result of drivers who misjudge their car's limitations. Whether you're driving a small sedan or a large SUV, know how long it takes to speed up and slow down.

Eliminate Hidden Distractions

Texting, checking your email, and using your phone behind the wheel is dangerous, but other forms of distraction are less obvious. Listening to loud music, for example, can take your mind off of the road. Involved conversations with passengers are another common risk. While these activities are not always dangerous, it is important for drivers to know when to stop talking or turn the radio down.

Watch Out for the Fast Lane

The left lane (also called "the fast lane") is where the majority of highway accidents occur. Not only are drivers moving faster, but they have less space to maneuver their vehicles and avoid accidents. Whenever possible, drive in the center lane.

Minimize Nighttime Driving

Driving at night is dangerous for two reasons: visibility decreases and your chances of encountering a drunk driver increase. Make long trips during the day whenever possible.

Look Both Ways, Even if the Light is Green

Always look both ways before crossing an intersection, even if the light is green. You don't have to slow down to check for traffic, but a quick glance in both directions can help you spot drivers who might run the light. Chances are, most drivers have accidentally run a red light at some point. To prevent a serious collision, be on the lookout for these drivers and always check both ways before accelerating through a green light.

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