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Dump Truck Kills Pedestrian on 1-8 Off Ramp

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Law enforcement officers are investigating a pedestrian-dump truck accident that took the life of a pedestrian near the Rosecrans Drive Interstate 8 off ramp. According to reports, the truck driver called emergency services at 4:46 a.m. on Thursday and said that he struck a pedestrian in the off ramp.

Although a cause for the accident has not been revealed, California Highway Patrol stated that the driver saw the man on the side of the road before he darted into oncoming traffic. The victim died at the scene of the accident and was in his 50s, officers told reporters.

CHP is still investigating the accident, and the off ramp where the incident occurred could be closed for several days before reopening.

Pedestrian Safety Measures

Pedestrian accidents are responsible for thousands of fatalities and injuries every year. Sadly, many of these accidents are preventable. In order to avoid injuries, pedestrians should always seek to be noticed by drivers.

Tips for staying visible to motorists:

  • Bright clothing or light-colored clothing
  • Always carry a flashlight at night
  • Do not cross the street in poorly lit areas
  • Do not enter the street from behind a parked car

Additionally, it is imperative for pedestrians to always walk on the sidewalk. This is where motorists expect to see pedestrians. If a sidewalk is not available, walk a safe distance on the shoulder of the road facing traffic.

Intoxication and Pedestrian Accidents

Drunk drivers aren't the only ones who causes alcohol-related pedestrian accidents. Avoid walking near traffic while you are intoxicated. Only travel as a pedestrian when you are sober. Intoxicated pedestrians are more likely to enter the street and cause a serious accident.

If you suffered an avoidable injury and believe that a negligent motorist is at fault, contact our personal injury lawyers in San Diego, CA today.