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How to Avoid Injuries on Halloween

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With the weather finally shifting to cooler temperatures in California, it seems that fall is in full effect. The leaves are changing and pumpkin patches are doing a brisk business in preparation for jack o' lanterns. As Halloween is not far away, your kids are probably planning their costumes and spook tactics!

Although a beloved holiday of many children, Halloween is also a prime time for injuries to occur. Between the candy and the neighborhood shenanigans, it is easy to let your guard down and get carried away in all the fun.

It is important to make your kids safety a priority this year. According to a survey done by Safe Kids, more than twice as many children are killed in accidents between 4pm and 10pm on Halloween than any other day during the year.

Tips for Staying Safe this Halloween

For both motorists and trick-or-treaters alike, there are several ways to promote safety without losing out on any of the fun. Parents and others should follow these tips for a safe Halloween:


  • Watch for children emerging from between parked cars
  • Always check twice before exiting your driveway
  • Put down your phone and make driving your priority
  • Do the driving for your teens


  • Fireproof your child's costume
  • Be sure that any masks have proper eye and mouth openings
  • Keep the costumes fitted to avoid tripping
  • Avoid any sharp objects, such as swords and wands


  • Always accompany children 12 years old and younger
  • Give your child a phone in case they get lost
  • Be on the lookout for cars and use crosswalks whenever possible
  • Walk instead of run – slip and fall accidents are common on Halloween
  • Make sure your child carries a flashlight for easy visibility
  • Inspect all the candy before your child eats anything
  • Steer clear of anything homemade

One of the best ways to keep children safe on Halloween is to ensure that they are always accompanied by an adult. Even kids 12 and older can benefit from a chaperone as they travel from house to house. Safety is important at every age!

In the event that an injury does occur for you or your loved ones, it is important to consult with a San Diego personal injury lawyer. Our firm can work with you to answer your questions and protect your rights. Don't hesitate to call on The McClellan Law Firm for any personal injury needs you may have.