Commercial Vehicle Accident Statistics

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While no highway collision is safe, commercial vehicle crashes are some of the most dangerous kinds of collisions in which you could be involved. Regulations allow large trucks to weight up to 80,000 pounds while fully loaded, and when you compare that to the 3,500 pounds or so average vehicle weight, the danger should become more apparent.

In 2013 alone, 95,000 people were injured in crashes involving large trucks, and another 3,964 were killed, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).[1] As frightening as those numbers may be, they become even more so when you take into account the fact that out of those 95,000 people injured in crashes involving large trucks, 71,000 people, or nearly 75 percent, were either driving a vehicle other than a large truck or weren’t in a vehicle at all, such as bicyclists, pedestrians, etcetera.

According to the NHTSA, 82 percent of the people killed in crashes involving large trucks, or 3,327 people, were either driving a vehicle other than a large truck or weren’t in a vehicle at all.

Crashes involving large trucks in California accounted for 243 of those deaths, making it the second deadliest state behind only Texas. California also had the second highest number of total vehicles in crashes that resulted in fatalities, again second only to Texas. Out of the 44,868 total crashes involving large trucks in the U.S. in 2013, more than nine percent, 4,125, took place in California.

In a 2007 study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the top 10 factors that contributed to crashes involving large trucks were identified:

  • Fatigue
  • Inadequate surveillance
  • Over-the-counter drug use
  • Required to stop before crash (traffic control device, crosswalk)
  • Roadway problems
  • Unfamiliarity with roadway
  • Traveling too fast for conditions
  • Prescription drug use
  • Traffic flow interruption (congestion, previous crash)
  • Brake problems

Crashes involving large trucks and commercial vehicles disproportionally affect motorists and other people outside of large trucks. If you or a loved one were injured, or if a loved one was killed in a crash involving a large truck or commercial vehicle, you have a claim for financial compensation for your injuries or any other damages you may incur. The San Diego truck accident attorneys at The McClellan Law Firm have been representing people injured by the carelessness of others throughout California for the past 25 years, and our founding attorney Craig R. McClellan is the only San Diego lawyer to ever be admitted to membership in the Inner Circle of Advocates. Contact us today to request a free case consultation, or give us a call at (619) 215-1488 to set up a meeting with one of our truck accident lawyers.

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