Catastrophic Injury & Wrongful Death

Confidential v. Western Trucking- 7500000.0000

Settled for $7,500,000. - May 1, 2014

The firm represented a woman who was walking near her home when she was struck by a tractor-trailer entering a construction site. Her legs were badly damaged, and was seriously injured. The truck driver claimed she walking in the middle of the street and must have fallen under his truck. The McClellan Law Firm sued the developer, general contractor, various subcontractors, and the driver on behalf of the woman and her husband. The case resulted in a $7,500,000 settlement.

Garrison v. Porsche- 2500000.0000

Apr 12, 2014

Garrison v. Porsche , arose out of the death of a husband and father who was a passenger in a Turbo 930, when the driver lost control on a city street and went into oncoming traffic. The jury awarded $2.5 million, which was upheld on appeal. The 1983 award tied the verdict for the death of Audie Murphy, a war hero and actor, for the largest wrongful death verdict in the state of California. Following the Garrison verdict, Porsche started offering driver's training to the purchasers of its high-performance, turbo-charged vehicles.

Michael v. Doe- 2000000.0000

The case settled for $2 million. - Apr 1, 2014

In Michael v. Doe, the plaintiffs' son, a high school senior, was killed as a result of the negligent operation of a vehicle in which he was a passenger.

Doe v. Nash- 2000000.0000

The case settled for $2 million. - Jan 10, 2014

In Doe v. Nash, the plaintiffs' wife and mother was killed as a passenger in her vehicle when it was broadsided by another vehicle that failed to stop at a red light.

Mattix v. Castagnola- 1350000.0000

The case settled for $1,350,000. - Jan 5, 2014

In Mattix v. Castagnola, the negligent operation of a Jeep resulted in the death of the plaintiff's son.

Cary v. Fox- 1250000.0000

Recovered $1.25 million - Dec 31, 2013

In Cary v. Fox, et. al, the firm recently recovered $1.25 million for the death of 87 year old Bessie Cary. Ms. Cary, a widow who lived alone in El Cajon, was struck and run over by a delivery driver. The Firm brought suit on behalf of her adult children, and with trial pending, settled for the applicable insurance policy limits of $1.25 million.

Trent v. Porsche

The case settled for a confidential amount. - Nov 29, 2013

Trent v. Porsche, arose out of the death of a husband and father, when the Turbo 930 oversteered and collided with a telephone pole.

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