Private Aviation Accidents

Accidents occur in the private aviation sector more often than on commercial airlines. The primary reason for the higher number of small plane crashes is that privately owned planes do not have the same internal corporate safety policies and safety technologies that commercial airlines use to minimize threats to passenger safety.

Small plane crashes, however, are similar to commercial airline accidents in one terrible way:
Both tend to be fatal for the pilot and passengers.

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Private Aviation Accidents Require an Experienced Lawyer

Private aviation is the general term given to noncommercial airplane flights, such as:

  • Helicopters
  • Corporate jets
  • Privately owned planes
  • Sightseeing aircraft
  • Chartered business travel
  • Aircraft used for industrial / farming purposes

In the aftermath of a small plane crash, victims' families will eventually have questions about whether they may have legal rights to financial compensation under California's wrongful death law. Even though small planes are less complicated to operate than commercial airliners, the answer to the question about legal rights after a small plane crash is just as complicated. Either type of accident requires a thorough investigation into multiple sources of possible legal responsibility: the plane manufacturer, the plane owner, the pilot and the maintenance company. Then, the financial aspects of the case must be developed. Often with assistance from forensic accountants, your attorney must develop a strong estimate of the financial loss to your family.

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Our experience assists us in our investigation and when we need to prove that a defect in a plane was at least partially to blame. For those seeking legal representation in a wrongful death lawsuit after the untimely death of a family member in a small plane crash, we encourage you to learn more about our law firm.

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