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I Was Injured By A Defective Product. What Are My Options?

Craig McClellan

If you were injured by a defective product in California, there are multiple routes you can take to hold the manufacturer accountable. Do you want to bring an individual lawsuit against the manufacturer that caused your injury or do you have a potential class action case? What is the difference? What is multidistrict litigation? These are all questions that an experienced product liability lawyer can help you answer.

Individual Product Liability Lawsuit: An individual lawsuit allows you to maintain control over the case, but it can also be less effective than other forms of product liability litigation. Individual litigation is a necessary choice when your injury is unique. For example, if a defective tire caused your injury but there are no other serious complaints involving that tire, you may need to bring an individual product liability lawsuit. Individual lawsuits can also be a good choice when the harm caused by the manufacturer is significant.

Class Action Product Liability Lawsuit: This type of lawsuit allows a few plaintiffs to speak on behalf of numerous class members if they have been similarly injured by the same manufacturer. Class action lawsuits are particularly powerful when numerous individuals suffer relatively minor injuries and would not be able to bring effective lawsuits on their own.

Multidistrict Product Liability Litigation: When a large number of plaintiffs file similar individual lawsuits against a manufacturer, the court may decide to consolidate the lawsuits into one case. This is called multidistrict litigation. Unlike class action litigation, however, every plaintiff participates in the litigation.

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