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Helping Clients with Serious Insurance Claims

The true test of your auto, homeowners, or business insurance coverage appears when you need either to file a casualty loss claim or need defense of a claim filed against you. The best insurers will respond to your call promptly, investigate the situation thoroughly and fairly, and let you know as soon as possible whether it will accept your claim. If your claim is denied, your insurer will give you honest reasons why your claim falls outside the scope of its coverage. However, not everyone has the best insurance coverage.

Run into Problems with Your Insurance Claim?

We can help! To schedule a free consultation with an experienced San Diego insurance claims lawyer, call (619) 215-1488. We will analyze the terms, conditions, and exclusions in your insurance coverage, and let you know whether you have grounds for a civil action against your insurer for damages.

Fighting Against Bad Faith Insurance Claim Denials

Among the signs of bad faith on the part of a liability or casualty insurer are the following:

  • Unreasonable refusal to settle a valid claim
  • Unreasonable delay in responding to your claim or request for a defense
  • Failure to investigate or unreasonable delays in beginning to investigate
  • Delays in responding to your questions about the progress of your claim
  • Denial of a claim on the grounds of an inapplicable condition or exclusion
  • Repeated requests for irrelevant information or for information the insurer already has
  • Threats to cancel your casualty coverage on the grounds of fraud if you refuse to accept a low offer

Our lawyers have helped resolve insurance claims disputes involving not only auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, and comprehensive general liability coverage, but also in situations involving professional liability policies, boat insurance, and errors and omissions insurance. Not every unfavorable decision by an insurance means that it has acted in bad faith. However, the presence in a given case of several of the factors listed above can certainly point in that direction. For dependable advice about your rights in an insurance claim dispute, email our office or call (619) 215-1488 to speak with a business attorney from The McClellan Law Firm.

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