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Hurt by a Defective Consumer Product? You Have Rights!

Cases of product liability against the manufacturers of defective consumer products have long formed an important part of The McClellan Law Firm's practice. The success we have achieved in product liability litigation allows us to pursue these claims with a high degree of skill. Our San Diego injury attorneys examine all negligence cases for the possibility of a claim against the manufacturer or distributor of a defective device.

Attorney Craig McClellan was named San Diego Product Liability Litigation Lawyer of the Year in 2012, 2014 & 2019 by Best Lawyers ®. Don't wait to put an accomplished law firm on your side.

Common Injury Claims Involving Defective Products

Working with a team of forensic experts to establish a product liability claim can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim. In many cases, it is highly desirable for the sake of a convincing case to show that the product in question could have been manufactured at a similar cost without the defect that resulted in your injury. In other words, we usually expect to redesign the product that harmed you, your spouse, or your child.

We handle defective consumer product cases of all kinds, including:
  • Automotive components, from tires and brakes to seat belts and air bags
  • Space heaters, ranges, ovens, water heaters, and similar appliances
  • Unreasonable fire hazards presented by furniture, bedding, draperies, and carpets
  • Household power tools and equipment, such as drills, saws, and nail guns
  • Sporting goods from archery equipment to bike and motorcycle helmets
  • Children's toys, including those imported with dangerous levels of lead paint
  • Dangerous medical devices, including prostheses and implants

You Don’t Pay Unless There is a Recovery

The support of design experts, industrial engineers, biomechanical engineers and human factor specialists can generate very considerable expenses while your case is pending. Fortunately for our clients, our past success with product liability litigation allows us to advance all of the costs involved in developing and proving your case. We recover our expenses only when we win a settlement or jury verdict on your behalf.

This is known as a contingency fee arrangement.

We’re Backed by Success in Product Liability Litigation

The McClellan Law Firm has recovered $250 million in damages for seriously injured clients and the surviving families of those killed in accidents. Many of these cases involved defective products around the house or in the car. In fact, Lead Attorney Craig McClellan has gained consideration recognition in the field of automotive defects. He has successfully brought claims against motor companies like Porsche, Chrysler, GM, and Toyota.

Miller v. Ford Motor Co. – $6,000,000.00 Settlement
The Miller family was hit by another vehicle head-on. Because their vehicle (Ford Escort) was only equipped with lap belts, 11-year-old James Miller died at the scene, and his twin brother, Richard, was rendered paraplegic. We secured $6 million on the family’s behalf.

Aponte v. Mercedes Benz – $5,200,000.00 Settlement
Our client, Christie Aponte, was sitting in the center seat of her father’s Mercedes when the vehicle was hit head-on. Because she had only been wearing a lap belt, she suffered paralyzing injuries in the accident. Our firm was able to secure $5.2 million on her behalf.

Garrison v. Porsche – $2,500,000.00 Settlement
We filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche for the death of a husband and father who was the passenger in a Turbo 930 when the driver lost control of the vehicle and swerved into oncoming traffic. In this case, the jury awarded $2.5 million to our client.

Let The McClellan Law Firm Help Maximize Your Claim

Learn how our experience can help maximize the value of your personal injury claim by contacting a San Diego product liability lawyer at our firm. We have been representing accident victims and their families for more than two decades, and have won more than 120 verdicts and settlements worth $1 million each, so you can rest easier knowing we are on your case. Don’t wait to take advantage of a free case evaluation.

The McClellan Law Firm has a reputation you can trust. Take the first step today by calling our San Diego law office at (619) 215-1488 for a complimentary case consultation.


  • “We could not be happier with the McCllelan Law Firm team! My husband and I were referred to Craig McCllelan by one of his peers. We had a very sensitive medical malpractice case that we were hesitant to even pursue. Craig and his team sat down and walked us through the entire process giving us their honest opinion and options. We felt very comfortable with the process and completely relieved by the end of the first meeting, so we decided to proceed. It is three years later and we couldn't be happier that we did. Craig, Connor, and his team made the entire experience so easy and smooth. They were always available no matter how small our question or concern. I swear they work 24/7! And most importantly, we knew that they truly cared about us and the outcome. They fought for our family and have given us the piece of mind that our son's healthcare will always be covered. It is truly the greatest gift and we will forever be in their debt!”

    - S.P.

  • “Immediately after our interview we knew without question that no matter how steep the mountain, win or lose, we had found the right person—Craig McClellan, Esq.—[…] We felt a profound sense of peacefulness whenever we came into the office, and we knew that you were protecting our interests at all time.”

    - G.P.

  • “Having had the high privilege of presiding over a number of cases involving national counsel, I want you to know you’re one of the very best [...]. You and those with you were outstanding ambassadors for our profession and once again made me most proud to be a part of our legal community.”

  • “We will NEVER forget what you did for us Craig. We are FOREVER GRATEFUL.”

    - K.V.

  • “Your appearance on the nation-wide broadcast of ‘60 Minutes’ was a public service in which all San Diego has reason to take great pride. To integrity—you have added public service and again elevated my opinion of the legal profession.”

    - Juror

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