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Few areas of personal injury or wrongful death litigation are more legally or factually complex than aviation accidents. Commercial airline accident cases require significant resources and experienced advocacy. At The McClellan Law Firm, our San Diego injury lawyers know how to pinpoint the liability issue in order to ensure that our clients have the best possible chance of receiving the compensation they deserve.

The Challenges in Plane Crash Lawsuits

Virtually all lawsuits that follow a plane crash involve:
  • Analysis of multiple federal regulations
  • Investigation by multiple state and federal government agencies
  • Contacts with multiple states of residence or manufacture
  • Complicated insurance and contractual arrangements

One of the main challenges in a plane crash lawsuit is to find evidence that proves clear liability. Was the crash caused by pilot error? Was an equipment malfunction to blame? Did the airplane receive maintenance according to the airline's policies and the industry's standards? We know how to find answers to those questions.

The Resources to Mount a Nationwide Investigation

Our investigation of the liability issues is likely to take us and our experts all over the country, or even overseas. Critical evidence in any case might be found at the airport of origination or a hangar located at another airport, in government inspection files, aircraft maintenance records, the pilot's medical reports and employment files, or at the factories where the plane and its components were built.

While the crash site itself and the plane's data recording system will also yield important information about both causes and consequences of the accident, chances are the most legally significant evidence of negligence or defective design came into existence long before the aircraft took off. Our success in complex cases allows us to commit the resources necessary to develop your case as thoroughly and persuasively as possible.

We might engage dozens of experts in a single case to contribute to a technically sound and legally effective explanation of the crash. We recover these expenses only if we resolve your case favorably.

We Treat Your Case as Our Only Case!

In order to protect your rights and make your case effectively, our investigation into the airplane accident that caused your injury or your loved one's death may take us across the country. We may even need to travel internationally in order to procure the proper evidence and data. These are steps we are willing to take in order to ensure that your case is as strong as possible. We are committed to going above and beyond in order to fight for just compensation. Some firms overload their attorneys with casework to the point that they cannot devote proper attention to individual clients; however, at The McClellan Law Firm, we never accept more than 15 cases at a time. This approach ensures you have our full attention.

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