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Just How Dangerous Are Helicopters?

Helicopters are one of the most versatile, useful aircrafts. Due to their build, they are capable of flying not only forward, but backward; they can also hover, move vertically, and function without the need of a runway. This very versatility is what makes them such a popular option in so many industries and for so many functions, including transporting maritime workers to and from offshore vessels, transporting individuals in need of emergency medical attention, being used by law enforcement, and being used in military operations.

However, this versatility also makes them unbelievably complicated. These machines are delicate, complex, and require an enormous amount of skill to operate. They also require incredible attention to detail in not only the design and construction of them, but also in the maintenance. Should any piece of their creation, upkeep, and use not be of the highest caliber, it could lead to catastrophic accidents for operators and passengers.

Consider the following statistics regarding 2014 helicopter accidents per the USHST:

  • There were 130 civil helicopter accidents.
  • There were more than 20 fatal civil helicopter accidents.
  • The civil helicopter accident rate was 3.64 accidents per 100,000 flight hours.

Who Is at Fault for a Helicopter Accident?

One of the most prominent issues for individuals facing aviation accident litigation is determining who can be held liable for the accident. While it may seem easy to point the finger at the pilot, that is not the only party who could be responsible. That is why it is so crucial that you work with a skilled injury attorney to take a look at the case; a lawyer can determine who is truly at fault and who can potentially be a defendant in a claim.

The following parties may be considered fully or partially at fault for the accident:

  • Helicopter owner
  • Helicopter pilot
  • Helicopter designer
  • Helicopter manufacturer
  • Seller of the helicopter
  • Flight school / instructor
  • Helicopter lessor / lessee
  • Maintainer of the helicopter
  • Air traffic control
  • Control tower operator
  • Publisher of the flight chart
  • Publisher of an operational manual
  • Owner / operator of the helicopter page
  • Owner / lessor of an obstruction (ex: TV tower)

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