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Contracts are the lifeblood of civilization--they are the reason that people can afford to deal with each other. Without contracts, many of the profitable relationships business owners enjoy today would simply be impossible to manage or would leave small business owners vulnerable. Ultimately, contracts level the playing field by making large companies accountable to the smallest, single-person company.

Maintaining the sanctity of contracts between businesses is one of business law's most important purposes. When someone chooses to dishonor their contract, the other party has the right to hold them accountable. At the McClellan Law Firm, we maintain the integrity of contractual agreements through business litigation. Our award-winning practice has helped individuals and businesses throughout Southern California for over 30 years. We offer free case evaluations, so reach out to us when you’re dealing with a breach of contract.

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A breach of contract is any situation in which one or both parties fail to perform their duties or deliver products agreed upon in a contract. Breach of contracts usually come in two forms: material and minor. Material breaches are when one party receives a product or service significantly different from what the contract promised. This breach releases the other party from the contract, so payment for any services is no longer owed.

Minor breaches of contract are when one party fails to perform some part of the contract, but the other party still receives their product or service. For example, a small delay in delivery would result in a minor breach because the other party still received what was promised, albeit slightly later. Wronged parties would still be required to pay for services in minor breaches, as the primary aspects of the contract are fulfilled.

In either case, however, the judge will consider the damages done to the plaintiff. If even a minor breach resulted in damages, then the plaintiff is still entitled to recovering those damages. For example, if a plaintiff can prove that a delay in delivery of marketing material significantly caused a loss of revenue to her business, the marketing material supplier would be responsible for paying her the damages that resulted.

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A breach of contract can be highly detrimental to your business, and it is not a matter you should take lightly. At The McClellan Law Firm, we are prepared to provide the tough, sophisticated advocacy you need to reverse the situation and promote your commercial interests. Our firm has been serving Southern California residents for more than 30 years, and in that time, we have worked hard to build and maintain our reputation as an elite business litigation law firm. We are ready to put that reputation to work for the benefit of your case.

In order to claim breach of contract, you must demonstrate that your case meets four essential points:

  • There was a contract
  • You, the plaintiff, met the terms of the contract
  • The defendant did not meet the terms of the contract
  • As a result of this breach of terms, you suffered damage

Each San Diego business litigation lawyer at The McClellan Law Firm has experience in these types of business litigation cases. If you have suffered a breach of contract, we can examine your case and help build a strong body of evidence demonstrating that your claim meets these points. As tenacious trial attorneys with years of litigation experience, we are more than ready to defend your corporate interests in San Diego.

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