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Business litigation is important to your business as well as to the economy as a whole. When businesses have conflicting claims against each other or with individuals, then representation is required to ensure that justice and equitable action is preserved. High-stakes litigation can often mean the difference between the life and death of your business, so you truly cannot afford to retain inexperienced or subpar representation.

The award-winning San Diego business litigation attorney at The McClellan Law Firm is prepared to handle your commercial case. We have gained a name for professional and ethical excellence in Southern California, and this reputation continues to benefit our clients. With a host of awards and an unwavering commitment to pursuing the best interests of our clients, our San Diego law team is the one you want on your side,

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Business Litigation Practice Areas

Businesses have to contend with many types of legal issues—and the larger the business, the larger the potential problems. A small portion of legal concerns a business may have include premises liability, local laws and permits, patent law claims, claims from individuals and other businesses, or claims against others. Retaining a business litigation attorney is how you ensure your interests are well-represented in these issues.

Because businesses are diverse and unique, the area of business litigation is broad. Our practice of business law covers a wide range of needs, from real estate, insurance, to intellectual property like music, artwork, or branding. The McClellan Law Firm recognizes the needs of business owners require specialized understanding of particular and eclectic practice areas. That’s why we address many different areas of business litigation.

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