Commitment to Our Clients

Giving Your San Diego Case the Attention It Deserves

At The McClellan Law Firm, we are focused on our clients. Your best interests are our priority.

This means that the way we run our law firm is a little different than how other firms function. While some lawyers run their practices like "mills" or "assembly lines," at The McClellan Law Firm, we are committed to ensuring that our attorneys are never overburdened so that each client is sure to receive the attention and prioritization he or she deserves. That is why we limit our caseload to no more than 15 cases at any given time.

The results are clear:

With $250 million won on behalf of our personal injury clients in our 25 years of practice, The McClellan Law Firm provides excellent, effective representation. In fact, we have received more verdicts and settlements of $1 million or more each than any other attorney in San Diego—more than 120 such case results in total so far! The numbers don't lie. Our dedication to our clients makes a significant difference in the lives of our clients.

Award-Winning Representation in Southern California

When you need strong and effective legal representation that will treat your case with the respect and prioritization it needs, choose a San Diego lawyer from The McClellan Law Firm. We are proud of our relationships with our clients and our commitment to going above and beyond for the men and women we represent in Southern California. Let us stand up for your rights and ensure that your interests are promoted from beginning to end, no matter how challenging the case may seem or how daunting the odds.

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  • “We do not quite know how to verbalize or show how grateful we are to have had the distinct honor to have you represent us at truly the most critical time in our lives.”

    - S.C.

  • “Immediately after our interview we knew without question that no matter how steep the mountain, win or lose, we had found the right person—Craig McClellan, Esq.—[…] We felt a profound sense of peacefulness whenever we came into the office, and we knew that you were protecting our interests at all time.”

    - G.P.

  • “Having had the high privilege of presiding over a number of cases involving national counsel, I want you to know you’re one of the very best [...]. You and those with you were outstanding ambassadors for our profession and once again made me most proud to be a part of our legal community.”

  • “It was a real honor to preside over a case with you as counsel. In my mind you represent all that is good in our profession.”

    - Judge J.

  • “I thank you for your kindness and generosity in giving selflessly without reserve. Additionally, please extend my thanks to your staff for their diligent work and encouragement throughout the trial.”

    - A.D.

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