San Diego Boating Accident Lawyer

The beautiful weather and proximity to the Pacific Ocean make San Diego a popular place for tourists and residents who enjoy being on the water. Unfortunately, some boaters operate their watercraft negligently, causing accidents, injuries and fatalities. If this happened to you, our injury law firm can help.

Contacting a Law Firm After an Accident

For dependable advice about your recreational boating accident claim, contact an experienced boat accident lawyer. To schedule a free consultation, call (619) 215-1488 or email our office. When boating accidents occur, they often can involve claims of negligence against the owner or operator of the vehicle or vessel involved in the accident, while others will turn on claims of design or manufacturing defects against the company that made it.

We'll Fight for Fair Compensation

We work with industry, safety, and engineering experts to identify the cause of your boat accident as accurately as possible. Our attorneys also work closely with your medical and rehabilitation team so your injuries, prognosis, and future treatment needs can be presented completely. With a record of more than 90 settlements and verdicts worth in excess of $1 million each on behalf of our clients, we have the experience with complex accident litigation necessary to represent your interests effectively in such boating and recreational accidents.

We are able to handle accidents involving:

  • Water ski boats
  • Sea-Doo or WaveRunner collisions
  • Capsized boats
  • Drunk boating
  • Collisions at a pier, dock or harbor
  • Maritime workers

In accidents on the water, there might well be overlapping jurisdiction between California personal injury law and federal maritime law, particularly for accidents on the ocean. We will analyze your specific case thoroughly and advise you on whether state or federal law will offer an advantage for your claims.

Contacting The McClellan Law Firm: (619) 215-1488

To learn more about how we can help you and your family after a collision with a drunk boater, WaveRunner, or fishing boat, schedule a free consultation today. Call (619) 215-1488 to speak with an experienced lawyer.

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