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Were You Injured Because Your Airbag Failed to Operate Properly?

We rely on our vehicles to keep us safe in the event of a collision, which is why every modern car is equipped with seatbelts and airbags, as well as other safety features. It’s the job of our seat belts and airbags to keep us secure and prevent our heads and other body parts from slamming into hard surfaces. Sometimes a manufacturing error or a mistake in the design of safety equipment keeps it from working properly, or even working at all.

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Our San Diego product liability attorneys at The McClellan Law Firm have successfully sued car manufacturers from all over the world for all kinds of automotive defects, both in design and manufacture. Craig McClellan, our founding attorney, was named San Diego’s Product Liability Litigation Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers in America in 2012, 2014 & 2019 for his tireless efforts fighting for clients injured because of vehicle defects.

What Can Cause an Airbag to Fail?

The systems controlling our vehicle’s airbags contain sensors that can fail to timely fire the airbags. The airbags have several components, such as small explosive devices. Any one of the components can fail in a variety of ways. The explosive component found in Takata airbags is currently causing issues across the globe--we discussed the issue back in 2014 when the defect causing shrapnel to burst out of the airbag during its deployment only affected 14 million vehicles across the globe. Now that number has increased to 100 million, and almost 70 million of those were in vehicles in use in the United States. This is the single largest safety recall in United States history, and regulators don’t think it will be completely fixed for years.

Other times the airbag may not deploy at all. General Motors announced the recall of nearly 4.3 million vehicles from around the world in September of 2016 because the sensor module in its airbags could prevent the airbag from deploying altogether in the event of a crash. Barely a week after the GM recall, Fiat Chrysler announced that it would be recalling almost 2 million vehicles from around the world for a similar issue, but that number could end up being as high as 8 million depending on what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s investigation reveals.

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