Tire Defects & San Diego Car Crashes

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While tire blowouts can be caused by poor tire maintenance, others are the result of manufacturers' or repair shops' negligence. Poor tire design, construction or installation can lead to serious injury and even death. In SUV or pickup truck rollover cases, for example, sudden and complete rear tire failure is very often the main cause of the loss of control that can result in roof crush injuries. Federal statistics estimate nearly 20,000 crashes a year are caused by tire-related factors, and 10% of those are explosive tire-blowouts.

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Why Tire Failure Happens & How We Can Help

Tire failure can reflect poor design or construction rather than consumer neglect in many cases, and we have the experience and litigation skill to develop and present your liability claim against the manufacturer while refuting the common defense claims of contributory or comparative negligence on the part of the victim.

Common tire defects can include:

  • Tread separation
  • Bead separation
  • Sidewall weakness
  • Cracks in the tread
  • Expired adhesive

A particularly common tire defect that causes car accidents is tread separation. When moisture or any outside element gets between the steel belts of a tire, they will start to come away from each other. Eventually, the separation of the steel belts causes the outer layer of the tire to suddenly rip off while the car is in motion.

Tire defects are a significant contributor to car collisions. The incidence rate of rollover crashes, which are significantly more lethal than other types of car accidents, increases when tire-related factors are involved. Rollover crashes only account for 3% of all car crashes (accounting for a third of all crash fatalities), but rollovers account for over 25% of tire-related car crashes. That means a rollover crash is nearly 10 times more likely in an accident involving defective or poorly-maintained tires.

In cooperation with industry and highway safety experts, we can often find evidence of belt separation, tread separation, or inadequate adhesion between the metal and rubber components of the tire. We also represent mechanics and vehicle maintenance workers who are injured or killed in explosions caused by tire bead failure. This is a known design defect that puts people who mount tires onto wheels at extreme risk of severe injury.

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