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  • Study: Serious Brain Injuries May Involve Reorganized Brain "Hubs"

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Nov 29, 2012

    Researchers announced the results of a novel study this week, potentially changing how scientists approach the aftermath of severe brain injuries. The researchers used a diagnostic tool known as "graph theory" to measure connections in the human brain. By comparing the network of connections in uninjured brains with comatose traumatic brain injury victims, the study concluded that comas likely ...
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  • Report Warns Against Inflatable Bouncers, Recommends Supervision

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Nov 27, 2012

    As inflatable bouncers have become increasingly popular among small children and their parents, their safety record has racked up more serious injuries at a steadily faster rate. This week, a prominent pediatric medical journal reported that bouncer-related injuries became 15 times more common in the years between 1995 and 2010. The study's authors recommend a number of measures to try to prevent ...
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  • NTSB: 5-Year-Old Girl May Have Caused Fatal Copter Crash

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Nov 15, 2012

    Billionaire Thomas Stewart and four members of his family died nearly three years ago in a tragic 2010 helicopter crash. The National Transportation Safety Board has finally released the results of its investigation into the crash. Its report points to a surprising conclusion: Stewart's 5-year-old daughter probably played a pivotal role. How could a 5-year-old girl cause a fatal aviation crash ? ...
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  • Worth the Risk? The Dangers of High Speed Chases

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Nov 2, 2012

    High speed chases often end only when the suspect crashes and can no longer flee. While some crimes might be so serious that apprehending a fleeing subject through chase is necessary, in many situations, it is often better to avoid a dangerous and chaotic chase on city streets. Instead of running the risk of unnecessary severe or fatal injuries to bystanders, police sometimes have the option to ...
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