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  • Ford Recalls 680,000 Vehicles Over Defective Seat Belts

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Dec 5, 2016

    Ford Motor Co. announced on Friday, December 2, 2016, that 680,000 of its vehicles will be recalled over an issue with the seat belts. According to the car manufacturer, it is recalling the vehicles in order to address an issue with the seat belt pretensioner cables. Those cables retract the seatbelts instantly in a crash in which the airbags are going to deploy. The purpose of pretensioners is to ...
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  • Nearly 4.3 Million Vehicles Recalled by GM

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Sep 19, 2016

    In a statement filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) last week, General Motors Co. announced a recall of almost 3.6 million of their vehicles from in the United States, and 4.3 million in total from around the world. General Motors’ statement reports that the sensor module in nearly 20 of its vehicle models is at risk of randomly entering diagnostic mode during a ...
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  • Paul Walker's Daughter Pursues Suit Against Porsche

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 1, 2015

    Meadow Walker, the 16-year-old daughter of late actor Paul Walker, is filing a lawsuit against Porsche for their role in her father’s death. Walker was killed in a tragic accident that occurred on November 30, 2013. His friend was driving a 2005 Carrera GT when he lost control, causing the vehicle to crash into a light pole and tree, catching on fire quickly after. Both Walker and his friend died ...
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  • NHTSA Calls on Automakers to Expand Takata Airbag Recall

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Nov 20, 2014

    On Tuesday November 18, federal safety officials with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a statement that called on auto manufacturers to issue a nationwide recall of any vehicle equipped with Takata airbags. Specifically, federal regulators want to expand recalls on all trucks or cars that have driver side airbags from the Japanese auto parts supplier for all 50 ...
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  • NHTSA Advises Motorists with Airbag Defects to Get Vehicles Serviced

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Nov 6, 2014

    On October 22, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released an official consumer advisory informing Americans about serious risks associated with defective airbags. According to the NHTSA, motorists who own vehicles with the defective airbags are being urged to take immediate action and get their vehicles serviced. The defective airbags in question are manufactured by Takata ...
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  • Car Accidents and Passenger Injuries: Who is Liable?

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Sep 30, 2014

    It's easy to point fingers after a car accident, but legal liability isn't always as simple as it seems. In many cases, one driver is injured and the other labeled "at fault" for the accident. But what happens if a passenger gets hurt? Passenger injuries present a unique set of questions about liability, namely, "Who should the passenger sue for damages?" The answer to this question depends on the ...
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  • GM Recalls 221,000 Sedans for Brake Pad Fire Risk

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Sep 22, 2014

    General Motors (GM) is recalling 221,558 vehicles for a brake pad defect that may pose a fire hazard. 2013-2015 Cadillac XTS and 2014-2015 Chevrolet Impala sedans are included in the recall, with 205,309 of these vehicles in the U.S. and the remainder in Canada and other countries. According to GM, the issue involves an electronic parking brake arm that applies pressure to the back of brake pads. ...
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  • GM Announces Automated Driving in Select 2017 Cadillac Models

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Sep 10, 2014

    General Motors (GM) announced Sunday that Cadillac will begin offering hands-free driving technologies on certain 2017 model year vehicles. With "Super Cruise" and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, GM is making significant advancements in automated driving, but will consumers trust such innovations? According to GM CEO Mary Barra, who made the announcement at the Intelligent Transport System ...
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  • GM Website May Offer Misleading Recall Information to Vehicle Owners

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Aug 7, 2014

    If you own a General Motors (GM) vehicle, and you checked the company's website to see if your car or truck is part of an active recall, you may have received a misleading result. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the GM website's "VIN look-up" tool was not working properly. Though GM has promised to resolve the issue, vehicle owners are urged to double-check ...
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  • Record $35 Million Penalty in GM Ignition Switch Case

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || May 19, 2014

    General Motors (GM) has agreed to pay a record $35 million civil penalty to settle a federal probe into the company's handling of an ignition switch defect that led to at least 13 deaths and the recall of 2.6 million vehicles. The U.S Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced the settlement last Friday, stating GM had agreed to the $35 penalty ...
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  • NHTSA Makes it Easier for Vehicle Owners to Receive Recall Alerts

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Mar 26, 2014

    As the federal government agency responsible for "reducing deaths, injuries and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes," the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) plays a key role in investigating vehicle defects and ensuring consumers are informed of potential problems. There are now several ways vehicle owners can stay informed of recall notices and safety alerts ...
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  • Air Brake Safety Week For Commercial Vehicles

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Sep 7, 2013

    Large commercial vehicles use a braking system that is completely different than normal cars. Air braking systems are necessary due to the large size and weight of many commercial vehicles. In order to bring such a massive vehicle to a complete stop and prevent potential traffic accidents, it is essential to keep these braking systems well-maintained and in good working order. Because of the ...
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  • New Vehicles Leave Drivers With Limited Visibility

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Aug 28, 2013

    While new vehicles come packed with safety equipment intended to help drivers and passengers survive a collision, at least one area of safety is being sacrificed. New vehicles are increasingly being designed with larger blind spots and limited visibility. Federal crash standards and pressure to improve fuel economy may be driving automakers to sacrifice the driver's ability get an unobstructed ...
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  • Toyota acceleration trial focuses on what Toyota didn't do

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Aug 14, 2013

    The Los Angeles Superior Court heard opening statements last week in a landmark Toyota acceleration trial. Unlike previous litigation, the argument the plaintiffs are making in this defect case is that Toyota failed to install a safety device. The plaintiffs lost their loved one, Noriko Umo, in a 2009 accident. Umo was driving when her heel became stuck to the gas pedal. In an attempt to stop her ...
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  • NHTSA fines Ford $17.35 million for failing to timely warn of defects

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Aug 10, 2013

    Another company has been "slapped with an NHTSA fine" for failing to notify customers of a defect. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), it seems, is more than willing to make automakers pay for putting safety over profits. And, as any personal injury attorney who has represented countless people injured by auto defects will tell you: It's a good thing. The NHTSA fined ...
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  • The NHTSA's Safety Battle Against Auto Manufacturers

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Aug 1, 2013

    There is a battle brewing between the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and auto manufacturers. Okay, so this isn't exactly news. At any point in time, at least one manufacturer is butting heads with the NHTSA. Yet, how important is this particular fight over requirements for recalls? For the victims of unsafe automobiles, it could be very important. What Is the Safety ...
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  • GM Recalls 231,000 More SUVs Due To Risk Of Car Fires

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Jun 17, 2013

    In August, 2012, General Motors Co. issued a recall on 249,000 SUVs because of a risk of car fires caused by circuit board shorts. Now, the company has added 231,000 SUVs to the recall list. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requested the recall after it received reports that fluids could leak in the driver's door module, causing corrosion. That corrosion can cause the circuit ...
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  • Chrysler Jeep Recall: Company's Choice Could Be Disastrous

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Jun 14, 2013

    Chrysler Refuses to Issue Recall The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently requested that Chrysler Group LLC issue a recall of 2.7 million Jeep Grand Cherokees (model years 1993 to 2004) and Libertys (2002 to 2007). Chrysler's response? "The subject vehicles are safe and not defective." Chrysler has refused to issue a recall on its potentially defective SUVs, claiming ...
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  • Ford Recalls Popular Vehicles, Including Fusion and Lincoln MKZ

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Jun 4, 2013

    On May 28, 2013, Ford Motor Co. notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of fuel tank defects in more than 465,000 of its popular vehicles. The company issued a recall after it received complaints involving fuel leaks. According to Ford, a single part in the fuel tanks may fail, causing gas leaks and the potential for car fires . The recall affects approximately 390,000 U.S. ...
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  • Are Consumers the Last to Know About Auto Defects?

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Mar 7, 2013

    While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is doing more today than ever before to make auto defects known to consumers, it can take months, even years, before an auto defect report reaches the public. Take, for example, Hyundai's Veracruz and Santa Fe SUVs. The auto manufacturer recalled some of those vehicles in 2011 for defective air bags. Yet, the recall didn't happen ...
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  • Dangerously Slow Recall Rates

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Aug 21, 2012

    Recalls are expected. Most major automobile companies recall certain models of their car so that they can implement a solution to a potentially dangerous vehicle defect. If the public isn’t notified of these dangers early on, however, serious accidents can result. As years go by without defects being addressed, more accidents continue to happen. Companies are liable to be fined if they don’t ...
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  • Fatal car accident launches campaign against car rental companies

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Mar 1, 2011

    Car rentals are a necessary part of travel and most people do not think twice about driving off the rental car lot in whatever vehicle is available to them. The deaths of Raechel and Jacqueline Houck changed that mindset, and began a movement to change rental car policies. The Issue of Recalled Rentals Raechel and Jacqueline Houck were driving to visit their parents when suddenly, they lost ...
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  • Toyota Prius Accelerates Out of Control on San Diego Highway

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Mar 10, 2010

    Thus far, only the 2010 Prius model is covered under Toyota's anti-lock brake system recall. Up until this point, Toyota has mostly denied such problems in other vehicles. Still, it was a 2006 Prius that sped out of control on Monday in San Diego, leading to a terrifying 94 mph ride and police-assisted stop. It all started when James Sikes tapped the gas pedal in his car to pull past another ...
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  • More Problems At Toyota As Sales Halted On 8 Models

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Jan 27, 2010

    Toyota is taking the potential of product liability very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that the auto manufacturer has halted the sales on eight of its vehicle models in the United States to fix the sticky accelerator pedals. This suspension comes in the wake of two major vehicle recalls, which were prompted by a fatal car accident in the San Diego area last year. According to Toyota, ...
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