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  • Asiana Crash: Compensation After International Airplane Accidents

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Jul 16, 2013

    We have been discussing the Asiana airplane accident, including liability and injuries. But one large question remains: How will the injured and the families of the three girls who passed away recover compensation for the commercial airline accident ? Where can they sue Asiana Airlines and anyone else accountable for the accident? Compensation for oversees airplane accidents is governed by an ...
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  • Two Dead After Glider Plane Crash In Jacumba

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Jul 2, 2013

    On Saturday, an Allstar PZL glider plane crashed near the Jacumba Airport, killing both occupants. According to witnesses, the plane was taking off when its towline was released early, causing the glider to decelerate and crash into the ground. The glider was owned by the Associated Glider Clubs of Southern California (AGCSC) and was a new type of aircraft developed in 2011. Like other gliders, ...
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  • Distracted Piloting: Texting Contributed To Helicopter Crash

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Apr 10, 2013

    Car drivers aren't the only distracted operators causing accidents. On Tuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board released the results of its investigation of a 2011 helicopter crash that killed four people in Missouri: The medical helicopter accident was caused by pilot fatigue, improper training and texting while flying. As CNN points out, "[The helicopter pilot's] actions could re-write ...
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  • NTSB: 5-Year-Old Girl May Have Caused Fatal Copter Crash

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Nov 15, 2012

    Billionaire Thomas Stewart and four members of his family died nearly three years ago in a tragic 2010 helicopter crash. The National Transportation Safety Board has finally released the results of its investigation into the crash. Its report points to a surprising conclusion: Stewart's 5-year-old daughter probably played a pivotal role. How could a 5-year-old girl cause a fatal aviation crash ? ...
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  • Story of 1978 San Diego Plane Crash Covered in New Documentary

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Apr 9, 2010

    It remains California's worst aviation disaster and, at the time, was the deadliest commercial plane crash in American history. Still, for more than 30 years, no one has told the full story of Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) Flight 182. It was September 25, 1978 - a hot day in San Diego. The PSA flight had left Sacramento earlier that morning, stopped briefly in Los Angeles, and was preparing for ...
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