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  • Child Brain Injuries: Increased Risk & Concern

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Feb 10, 2016

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that emergency rooms and hospitals throughout the country have seen a 60% increase in the number of visits for adolescent and child brain injuries . The significant rise in visits is likely due to the increased awareness of the harm caused by brain injuries, but many medical professionals believe that brain injuries are still ...
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  • Brain Injury Research And Youth Football Participation

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Nov 14, 2013

    The attention paid to professional football players and the prevalence of brain injuries could be having a trickle-down impact on youth football. Pop Warner and USA Football have both acknowledged a drop in participation levels over the past three years. While it is not clear that concerns over concussions and other brain injuries are behind the drop, many observers consider it a primary reason. ...
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  • New Tools To Combat Brain Injury During Heart Surgery

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Nov 13, 2013

    Heart surgery poses a number of risks for patients. One risk that may be underestimated by patients and their families is the risk of brain injury . This risk may be particularly high for infant patients whose brains are still developing and whose bodies may not bear up well under the rigors of surgery. According to one expert, roughly 40 percent of infants who undergo heart surgery will have ...
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  • Brain Injuries And High School Football

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Oct 30, 2013

    Brain injuries among current and former players in the National Football League have led to increased scrutiny into the safety of the sport of football. A recent study shows that the risk of head injuries might be highest among high school football players. A group of experts analyzed academic studies about concussions among college and prep football players. The results demonstrated that the risk ...
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  • Signs Of Traumatic Brain Injury

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Aug 22, 2013

    The medical, emotional and financial costs of a traumatic brain injury are substantial. One of the most difficult changes to pinpoint, however, is the impact of a brain injury on a person's mood and behavior. A recent study of patients with chronic traumatic encephalopathy showed that some combination of cognitive, mood and behavioral disorders was to be expected with the condition. While the full ...
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  • Bicycling Accidents Cause More Brain Injuries Than Football

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Jun 7, 2013

    Football-related brain injuries have been a top news story lately, making headlines throughout the United States. This contact sport has been associated with many head injuries in teenagers and adults throughout the country. You may be surprised to learn, however, that football is not the leading sport for brain injuries. In fact, bicycling causes more brain injuries in the United States than any ...
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  • NHL Facing Brain Injury Lawsuits

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || May 17, 2013

    The National Football League (NFL) isn't the only professional sports league that is currently facing brain injury lawsuits. Recently, the family of former National Hockey League (NHL) enforcer Derek Boogaard brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the league. The lawsuit claims that the NHL is responsible for the brain damage that may have caused Mr. Boogaard’s death. Mr. Boogaard died from an ...
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  • Remembering Junior Seau Through Brain Injury Lawsuits

    Posted By Craig McClellan || May 7, 2013

    Last May, a tragic event sparked a year of focus on football brain injuries and multiple lawsuits against football entities, including the National Football League. Former San Diego Chargers linebacker Junior Seau took his own life on May 2, 2012 after suffering from serious depression. Following his death, medical professionals discovered that he likely suffered from chronic traumatic ...
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  • MRIs May Be the Best Option for Detecting Brain Injuries After a Car Accident

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Jan 11, 2013

    A recent study by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has found that MRIs are capable of detecting mild traumatic brain injury signs even when CT scans do not show them. Mild traumatic brain injury is often overlooked after a car accident . There are many reasons for this. Sometimes, an injured person will simply ignore a headache after an accident. Other times, a doctor may not ...
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  • Study: Serious Brain Injuries May Involve Reorganized Brain "Hubs"

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Nov 29, 2012

    Researchers announced the results of a novel study this week, potentially changing how scientists approach the aftermath of severe brain injuries. The researchers used a diagnostic tool known as "graph theory" to measure connections in the human brain. By comparing the network of connections in uninjured brains with comatose traumatic brain injury victims, the study concluded that comas likely ...
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  • California Worker Injury Report Shows Head and Spinal Injuries as Most Expensive

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Aug 24, 2012

    While head and spinal injuries are only a small portion of all injuries that occur in the workplace, they result in largest costs to California's workers' compensation system. In fact, such catastrophic injuries in the workplace have cost more than $500 million over the last 10 years. Based on the study of workers' comp data in California, head injuries and spine injuries only account for 1 out of ...
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  • Study of Veterans Shows TBI Symptoms May Not Improve with Time

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Jul 31, 2012

    A new study has potentially bad news for traumatic brain injuries. A study of 500 veterans who tested positive for traumatic brain injury during deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan suggests that the symptoms of the injury may last for years without improvement. The veterans were treated at a special traumatic brain injury clinic at the Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The clinic ...
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  • The Next Big Class Action: NFL Head Injury Suit Like Case Against Big Tobacco?

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Jul 24, 2012

    Did the National Football League know that the vicious hits and knocks to the head its players took was linked to permanent and devastating brain injuries? A growing number of former NFL players in California and across the nation say it did. At last count, attorneys for more than 2,400 retired players have filed lawsuits that accuse the NFL of negligence and intentional misconduct when dealing ...
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  • Suicides of Ex-NFL Players Linked to Permanent Brain Injury Cases?

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Jun 18, 2012

    Could former Charger's player Junior Seau's suicide be linked to a possible brain injury from repetitive hits during the game? Lawsuits filed against the NFL this past year believe that it could be the case. Last week, 81 lawsuits involving over 2,000 players were consolidated in a federal court in Philadelphia. Among these lawsuits were several wrongful death claims , including those filed by ...
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  • Brain Injury Sends Poison Lead Singer, Bret Michaels, to the Hospital

    Posted By Craig McClellan || Apr 26, 2010

    Poison front man Bret Michaels is in critical condition following a severe brain injury, though little else has been released regarding the exact condition of the singer and reality TV star. Michaels was rushed to the hospital last Thursday and is undergoing multiple tests after suffering an intense headache, which some think may have been caused by a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Such a hemorrhage is ...
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