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Case of Serious Road Rage Caught on Camera

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A driver recently caught a serious case of road rage on camera, which shows just how dramatically some motorists may respond to other motorist's actions. The incident occurred on Friday, and the video is on its way to going viral after the driver posted it on YouTube.

The incident occurred in Pacific Beach, as the driver who recorded the video was traveling north on Ingraham Street. This particular driver has two cameras mounted on his vehicle, one in the front and one in the back, which he has said are for insurance purposes. The camera mounted on the back of his vehicle recorded the incident as it unfolded.

It starts with the driver attempting to change lanes in front of a black Ford truck. He changes lanes in front of the truck, at which point the driver of the truck accelerates right up to the bumper of the driver's vehicle, honks and slams on his brakes. The two vehicles continue down Ingraham Street, and the driver of the truck proceeds to throw coins at the other driver's car.

When both vehicles stop at an intersection, the passenger of the truck gets out of the vehicle, takes a picture of the driver's car and then walks up to the passenger window and begins to shout about how the driver nearly killed her dog. The driver who was recording the entire incident drives away unscathed, but this example of road rage shows just how seriously some people react when they think their rights have been infringed upon or they have been placed in danger on the road.

The driver who recorded the incident says that he did not cut off the truck and that he had plenty of room to change lanes in front of the truck. He feels that the driver and passenger's reactions were unwarranted.

Road Rage and Car Accidents

Road rage can contribute to car accidents and may occur after a collision takes place. Merriam-Webster online defines road rage as "anger and aggressive behavior by a driver who upset by how another person is driving. Road rage can take on many forms, from obscene gestures or profanity all the way to physical attacks. A person may even intentionally cause a car accident out of a fit of road rage or may exit his or her vehicle and attempt to start a physical altercation with another driver.

If you were injured in a car accident that involved road rage or other aggressive driving behavior, it is important to consider your right to financial compensation. If the other driver caused the accident, intentionally or through negligence, you may be able to recover money for medical bills, damage to your vehicle, lost earnings and even emotional trauma. A San Diego personal injury lawyer at The McClellan Law Firm can help you examine your options and make informed choices about your case – call now for a free and confidential consultation.