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La Jolla Woman Killed While Unloading Vehicle

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A woman in La Jolla, California suffered fatal injuries when a car hit her as she unloaded her vehicle on a busy street. The accident occurred midday when a driver backed out of a driveway across the street and struck the victim, pinning her between the two vehicles. Law enforcement will continue to investigate the incident, but believe that speed may have been involved. Police have not filed any charges related to the woman's death.

According to local residents, the area is known for heavy foot and auto traffic. In fact, near-misses are a common occurrence for vehicles and pedestrians, residents informed new sources. "This Silverado and Girard intersection is always busy with foot traffic and cars," said one resident, "You always have to watch what you are doing when you are walking across the street."

Pedestrian Accident Causes

Pedestrian accidents are a serious concern in the United States. In 2011, more than 4,400 people died in car-pedestrian accidents. Sadly, many of these incidents are preventable. Research suggests that some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents are:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted Driving
  • Carelessness

Tips for Pedestrian Safety

While most pedestrian accidents are causes by negligent drivers, pedestrians can take special care to avoid dangerous situations. Texting and walking, for example, can lead to accidents, injuries, and fatalities. In the same way that cellphones distract drivers from the road, electronic devices keep pedestrians from focusing on the sidewalk. Even a simple mistake, such as stepping off of the curb, can cause and accident.