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Suit Filed Against Federal Officers for Taser Death

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Francisco C. spent several days visiting his father in Mexico last December. When the El Cajon man tried to return home on Christmas Eve, he was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. He was held by customs officials for four hours according to reports. As a citizen with a history of drug-related offenses, Francisco had violated his parole by leaving the U.S. to visit his father over the holidays. This was most likely the reason for his lengthy detainment.

Detainment Takes a Downward Spiral

While he was in detainment, his family alleges that he was excessively beaten and stunned with a Taser multiple times by federal officers. They have just taken legal action by filing awrongful death suit.

The family of Francisco says that a Taser was used on him numerous times while several officers applied body weight on him and used their fists to beat him. They also claim that officers hogtied him and placed a gag in his mouth, leaving him in this position for eight minutes. Francisco died at a hospital.

Authorities claim that Francisco had jumped over a counter and fought the federal officers when they attempted to arrest him. They allegedly struggled with him for 10 minutes.

Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest

An autopsy done on Francisco showed seven distinct marks that indicated Taser. It also concluded that the cause of death was cardiac arrest due to numerous factors, including the facedown detainment, Taser use, and the presence of several drugs in Francisco’s body.

The FBI is currently investigating the case to determine if everything was handled correctly.

Francisco’s family filed the wrongful death lawsuit Wednesday in San Diego federal court. His parents and three children have asked for unspecified damages for the death of their loved one.