Race Car & Exotic Auto Accidents

Involved in a Crash with a High-Performance Vehicle?

High-performance automobiles can present special challenges for drivers. Beyond a certain level, horsepower and acceleration dynamics can significantly change the handling characteristics of a vehicle to the point of extreme hazard for the driver and other motorists on the road. Was someone in your family seriously injured or killed in a crash involving an exotic auto, street racing or drag racing? Contact an experienced San Diego car crash lawyer at The McClellan Law Firm for a free case evaluation. Call (619) 215-1488.

What Are Common Design Problems?

Our experience with high-performance auto accidents enables us to pinpoint design problems such as:

Any of the above can turn a challenging but pleasurable driving experience into a deadly crash.

In one of our first exotic car accident cases, our success at trial resulted in the manufacturer's decision to start offering training for purchasers of its high-performance sport models.

We Have Experience Handling Defective Exotic Car Cases

We also handle cases involving negligent or reckless driving on the part of street racers, excess speeders, and operators of illegally modified vehicles. In some situations, the defendant can be held liable for punitive damages as well as compensation for the full extent of your injuries or wrongful death claim.

On occasion, our injury attorneys in San Diego have also been asked to represent spectators injured at racetracks by flying tires, wheels, or other components that come loose from vehicles on the track. These cases can often turn on the question of how much risk the spectator assumed by purchasing a ticket to watch an auto race or on whether the risk actually encountered fell reasonably within the scope of a disclaimer.

The proof of claims in exotic car crash litigation very much depends on the technical analysis and forensic testimony of highly specialized professionals, which can be expensive to develop. Our past success in complex injury litigation allows us to commit whatever expert resources are necessary to make the most of your case at our own risk, and we recover our expenses only if we resolve your case on favorable terms.

For a free consultation about your legal options in any auto accident involving a high performance vehicle or race car, contact a knowledgeable San Diego personal injury lawyer by calling (619) 215-1488.


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