SUV Crashes in San Diego, CA

Accidents involving SUVs and other top-heavy vehicles have a distinctive fact pattern that often points to design or manufacturing defects that contributed to the driver's loss of control. At The McClellan Law Firm in San Diego, our accident attorneys have been nationally recognized for our experience and results in auto accident litigation, especially in cases with questions venturing beyond the negligence issues usually encountered in highway accidents, such as questions involving poorly designed and defective seat belts, roofs, and tires.

SUV Accidents Causes: Design & Manufacturing Defects

The injuries characteristic of SUV rollovers are often catastrophic or fatal. When an SUV or pickup truck flips and rolls, there are usually multiple points of impact between the roof and the pavement. The greater crushing impact typically occurs when the side of the roof opposite to the side that rolled strikes the road. Often, the vehicle rollover and roof crush can be linked to poor design and manufacturing defects.

Our experience with the investigation and presentation of damages claims in SUV accident litigation can help you recover damages for a disabling injury or accidental death in cases involving the following:

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