Taxi Cab Accidents in San Diego, CA

Were You Injured in a San Diego Taxi Accident?

Taxi cab accidents, unlike other car crashes, involve several extra parties, including the taxi cab company, multiple insurance companies, other drivers and passengers, and the taxi driver. Any of these parties may have directly or indirectly caused the taxi cab accident, which is why it is important to work with a lawyer who is experienced at investigating complex accidents when you have been injured in a San Diego taxi cab collision.

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California Taxi Cab Collisions Cause Serious Injuries

Becoming a taxi driver in California may not be as difficult or require as much training as you think. For example, New York City has the largest taxi cab industry in the U.S., and taxi driving schools are between 3 to 10 days long. That’s between 24 to 80 hours of training total before someone can become a “trained” taxi driver.

For perspective, daycare workers are asked to have 12 units of post-secondary training in early childhood education in addition to six months of experience—the education alone is roughly 432 hours of training, homework, and study. While a driving record is required of every taxi driver applicant, the standards for many taxi companies are not clear, so how well-trained a driver is may be difficult to ascertain.

While California doesn't require a special license for taxi drivers, some local municipalities might impose their own driving requirements. Our taxi cab accident lawyers will investigate a driver's history to evaluate whether the company engaged in negligent hiring of a potentially dangerous driver. Negligent hiring may form the basis of a personal injury lawsuit against the driver and the company following a serious taxi cab collision.

Other causes of taxi cab accidents include:

Steps to Take After a Taxi Cab Accident

Immediately after a taxi cab collision, you should seek medical attention if you need it. You also need involve the police as soon as possible, allowing them to create an accurate report immediately after the fact. Both of these actions will be able to strengthen your claim later, regardless of what occurred.

In addition, seek consistent treatment for any ongoing health problems resulting from the collision. If you delay treatment, insurance companies often use that as evidence that you are not as entitled to compensation as you claim to be. Even if symptoms do not appear until a week after the accident, go quickly and get treated.

Finally, you need to contact a San Diego taxi cab accident lawyer as soon as possible, ideally before insurance companies begin contacting you. The insurance company for the taxi cab business as well as the individual driver may contact you—in fact, your own insurance may contact you as well.

Do not speak to any of them before contacting an attorney. Insurance companies are legally forbidden from speaking with you when they know you have a lawyer—this is to ensure that you do not say anything that would inadvertently damage your claim. As experienced taxi accident lawyers, we have the insight and experience to represent you effectively against insurance companies, taxi cab companies, and their legal representatives.

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