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San Diego Bicyclist Is Killed In Velodrome Accident

Craig McClellan

The San Diego bicycling community is in mourning after losing a cyclist in what is being called a "freak accident" at the Balboa Park Velodrome.

According to witnesses, Jackie Price Dunn was bicycling around the enclosed track on Tuesday when she and another bicyclist brushed each other, causing her to fall. Medical professionals declared her brain dead shortly after the bicycle accident.

"There's a tremendous feeling of loss and sadness," the owner of a bicycle shop said about the accident. The entire San Diego bicycling community is reaching out to the cyclist's family and showing their support for an avid and well-loved bicyclist.

Bicycling accidents are common on the streets, but it is very uncommon to have an accident -- let alone a deadly accident -- occur on an enclosed track such as the Velodrome. In fact, it is considered one of the safest bicycling environments.

The question personal injury attorneys struggle with after such an accident is: Who is liable in these unusual accidents? Was the Velodrome negligent? Did the other cyclist bike too closely to Dunn? Does Dunn have insurance that will pay her family for her medical bills and other damages resulting from the accident? Like any bicycle accident and personal injury case, the answers to these questions depend largely on the facts surrounding the case.

Our hearts go out to Dunn's family and the San Diego bicycling community after this tragic loss.

Source: Fox5 San Diego, " Cyclist dies after crash at velodrome," Chris Biele, June 19, 2013