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California Drivers Want Bicycle Lanes, Too

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Bicyclists aren't the only ones calling for more bike lanes in California. Studies show that car drivers want them, too. Recent surveys by a doctoral student at the University of California, Berkeley named Rebecca Sanders found that most city drivers list bike lanes as a top improvement in creating safer roads.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, for example, most people surveyed wanted a bicycle lane installed along local corridors, which would allow cyclists to have more room. “It was the most requested item by drivers, it was the most requested item by pedestrians, and it was the most requested item by bicyclists,” Ms. Sanders told DC Streets Blog.

Why Do Drivers Want Bike Lanes in California?

It appears that drivers want separation from bicyclists, as they believe bicyclists can be “erratic and unpredictable.” Drivers apparently feel nervous about sharing the road with cyclists, and would prefer defined zones for bikes and vehicles in order to reduce the risk of collisions.

And that means moving away from the popular "sharrow" lanes. Sharrow lanes or “sharrows” are road markings that indicate bicyclists can use the full lanes provided to cars. While sharrows have been shown to increase safety for bicyclists, as well as motorist awareness, they do not go far enough. Most motorists surveyed said they found the sharrow lanes confusing and would rather have no treatment at all. They would prefer protected bike lanes.

Looking at the Feasibility of Bike Lanes in California

Unfortunately, protected bike lanes are simply not possible on many of the narrow streets in California's cities and towns. Thus, other solutions must be found that meet both bicyclist and motorist needs while reducing bicycle accidents in our cities. Whether that means widening the streets or redirecting bike traffic and reducing car lanes, it appears a variety of people—from walkers to drivers—are on board with creating safer streets for everyone.

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