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Man Struck and Killed by Train in San Diego

The McClellan Law Firm

A man was struck and killed by a passenger train on Saturday near the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego.

According to the San Diego police, the man was struck at approximately 3pm and died at the scene. Witnesses reported that he was wearing headphones at the time of the accident and was unaware of the oncoming train, in spite of a horn and a person in the background shouting to warn him. The incident occurred as the victim got off the trolley and went to cross the tracks.

Train accidents like the one discussed here are most often fatal. A pedestrian stands literally no chance against a train, and motor vehicles fare little better when they collide with trains at crossings or in other accidents. Californians are no strangers to train accidents; the state leads the nation in fatal train crossing accidents according to statistics from the Federal Railroad Administration.

Train stations and crossings present numerous dangers to passengers, pedestrians and motorists. These people have an obligation to obey traffic laws and signals and to pay attention to watch for oncoming trains, but there are also scenarios where train operator, train companies and other parties could be held to blame. An inexperienced or distracted train operator may mishandle a train and cause it to plow through a station, derail or collide with a vehicle or another train. A train company may improperly inspect or maintain its trains. The company or government agency responsible for maintaining train stations, signals and tracks may be negligent in their duties. In these and other scenarios, innocent passengers, pedestrians and motorists may pay the ultimate price.

Seeking Justice After a Train Accident

Only a thorough investigation will reveal exactly what caused the fatal train accident in San Diego several days ago, though it seems that the victim may have been distracted and unable to hear the oncoming train if he was in fact wearing headphones while crossing the tracks.

If you were injured or have lost a loved one in a train accident of any kind, you are probably looking for answers. You may want to know why the accident happened in the first place and may be concerned with how you will handle mounting medical bills, funeral costs or other expenses, injuries and losses. A San Diego personal injury attorney at The McClellan Law Firm can offer insight and guidance when you need it most. We handle train accident claims in Southern California, representing clients in personal injury and wrongful death actions stemming from these tragic incidents.