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Music Festival Injuries: Four Legal Guidelines to Get Compensation

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Concerts and music festivals are a great way to have fun and – unfortunately – an easy way to get hurt. At concerts, large crowds can lead to broken bones (dance fractures), head injuries, lacerations, and injuries from trampling. One news source recounted the story of a concert attendee who suffered a severe brain injury from a stiletto shoe. Other common injuries include dehydration and accidents caused by intoxication.

Before attending a concert or music festival this summer, keep these simple tips in mind to stay prepared for an injury.

  1. Get the facts: who, what, when, and how.
    Make sure you know who (or what) caused your injury. If you don't know who is responsible for the accident, you can't file a successful personal injury claim or lawsuit. After you receive medical attention, write down everything you remember about the incident. This includes the time, place, and people involved.
  2. Find the owner of the venue.
    Music festival lawsuits usually name then venue owner as a defendant. Under the principle of " premises liability," property owners are obligated to maintain a safe environment for guests. This includes concert attendees. If your injury occurred on government property, such as a city-owned venue, you will need to adhere to specific guidelines for government lawsuits.
  3. Collect the right evidence.
    Like any personal injury case, music festival injury lawsuits depend on evidence. This might include video footage of the accident from security cameras, videos or pictures from other concert attendees, and statements from witnesses. Talk to other people who were at the concert to get the information you need to prove your case.
  4. Keep track of your damages.
    In a personal injury claim or lawsuit, the term "damages" refers to financial and noneconomic hardship caused by your accident. This includes the cost of doctors' visits, medication, ongoing medical care (physical therapy), hospitalization, and pain / suffering. Keep a detailed record of these expenses so that you can pursue compensation for them in your claim.

How a Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Ana attorney can help you fight for the just financial compensation that you need. Without an attorney, you may have difficulty constructing a case to collect full and fair compensation. For additional information, contact a personal injury lawyer from The McClellan Law Firm. We offer personal injury representation in San Diego and throughout the Southern California area. Call our office today and request a free legal consultation regarding your case.