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Can I bring a lawsuit after a weather-related accident?

Craig McClellan

Last week, heavy rainstorms created dangerous roadways throughout San Diego. The California Highway Patrol received multiple accident reports.

In one fatal accident on SR 76, a truck hit a car after it crossed over the median, killing the car's driver. At least two other semi truck accidents occurred -- one along I-805 and another on I-15 -- and many more car accidents.

Which begs a few questions: How can you drive safely in the rain? And if you are in an accident, can you bring a lawsuit against a driver if the accident was partially caused by the rain or another weather condition?

Driving safely in the rain

Before going out into the rain, make sure to check your vehicle's condition. Are you tires balding? Do they need to be replaced? Is your windshield wiper fluid full? Did you replace your windshield wipers this year? Are you headlights operational?

When out on the road, be sure to keep plenty of distance between you and the cars around you. When possible, drive in the middle of the road. Brake slowly and use your turn signals earlier than you normally would use them. Do not use your cruise control or try to cross running water. If you find yourself hydroplaning, do not turn your wheel or brake quickly. Instead, steer straight ahead until you feel the traction again.

Recovering compensation after a car accident in the rain

Many people think that it will be hard to recover compensation if weather conditions caused an accident. This is not accurate. Most weather-related accidents happen because someone was driving too fast for the weather conditions, was distracted or otherwise didn't respond properly to the changing conditions. Remember: There are very few accidents that are not preventable.

Nevertheless, no matter who caused the accident, an injured party may be able to recover compensation for the injuries they suffered.

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