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  • Dump Truck Kills Pedestrian on 1-8 Off Ramp

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 30, 2014

    Law enforcement officers are investigating a pedestrian-dump truck accident that took the life of a pedestrian near the Rosecrans Drive Interstate 8 off ramp. According to reports, the truck driver called emergency services at 4:46 a.m. on Thursday and said that he struck a pedestrian in the off ramp. Although a cause for the accident has not been revealed, California Highway Patrol stated that ...
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  • Traffic Safety Grant to Help Combat Drunk Driving in San Diego

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 27, 2014

    Earlier this month, the San Diego County District Attorney's Office announced that it has made new efforts to fight drunk driving . District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis stated that the DA's office has created a new DUI homicide unit to focus on drunk driving cases involving fatalities and serious injuries. The unit will be led by experienced DUI prosecutors and an investigator, who will also be ...
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  • California Dog Bite Liability Law

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 24, 2014

    Each day, 1,000 different people in the United States are brought to the emergency room for dog bite related injuries. As a result of the prevalence of dog bite injuries, California law uses a policy of strict liability when it comes to these accidents. Strict liability states that a dog owner can be held liable if their dog injures another person, whether or not that dog had previously indicated ...
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  • How to Avoid Injuries on Halloween

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 23, 2014

    With the weather finally shifting to cooler temperatures in California, it seems that fall is in full effect. The leaves are changing and pumpkin patches are doing a brisk business in preparation for jack o' lanterns. As Halloween is not far away, your kids are probably planning their costumes and spook tactics! Although a beloved holiday of many children, Halloween is also a prime time for ...
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  • Ridesharing May Be Safer Than Taxicabs

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 21, 2014

    In many urban markets across the United States, ridesharing services are gaining popularity against traditional taxicab companies. Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft use the driver's own personal vehicle to shuttle passengers to their locations. Taxicab drivers use company cars to transport riders. Many of these taxi companies, concerned about the competition that ridesharing services bring ...
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  • Car Accident FAQ: Can I Sue if I Wasn't Wearing a Seat Belt?

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 20, 2014

    In 2012, the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) calculated that a total of 159,696 injury collisions occurred in California that year alone. Car accidents happen every day throughout our state and often result in serious injuries. If you have been injured in a car accident, you know how difficult it can be to accept the losses you've suffered as a result. Whether the damage ...
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  • Federal Researchers Study Marijuana's Impact on Driving

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 13, 2014

    With the marijuana legalization movement gaining considerable momentum, states across the country are trying to figure out not only the best and safest ways to implement and enforce marijuana laws, but also how marijuana will affect drivers and public roadways. In an effort to secure scientific evidence regarding marijuana and driving, experts conducted a three-year, federally funded study. Among ...
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  • La Jolla Woman Killed While Unloading Vehicle

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 8, 2014

    A woman in La Jolla, California suffered fatal injuries when a car hit her as she unloaded her vehicle on a busy street. The accident occurred midday when a driver backed out of a driveway across the street and struck the victim, pinning her between the two vehicles. Law enforcement will continue to investigate the incident, but believe that speed may have been involved. Police have not filed any ...
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  • AAA Study Finds Tech Conveniences, Hands-Free Devices Still Make Dangerous Drivers

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 7, 2014

    If you regularly drive on San Diego roadways, you've probably seen it before: drivers talking and gesturing wildly to no one in particular. Although not all of these drivers may be using hands-free technology to communicate while behind the wheel, most of them are. With laws banning the use of handheld devices and texting while driving, utilizing hands-free devices and blue-tooth capable car ...
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  • Five Injured After Crash Involving SD Police Car

    Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Oct 2, 2014

    On Sunday evening, September 28 th , several victims were injured following a collision in Barrio Logan involving a San Diego patrol car, civilian motorist, and eight cyclists. According to officials, the police officer was traveling south on Cesar Chavez shortly after 4:00 pm to respond to a domestic violence call when he collided with another vehicle heading east on Harbor Drive. As a result of ...
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