Injuries Caused by Tire Blowouts

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The United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) estimates that the average driver travels about 13,000 miles every single year – that’s enough driving to get from San Diego to Anchorage, AK and back with almost enough left over to make another trip north. Our vehicles make it possible to live our lives the way we do, and we rely on them to carry us to and from our destinations for years, and in some cases even decades. As resilient as these machines may be, their tires can be far less so, and when they burst it can result in a catastrophic crash and serious injuries or even death. If the tire bursts due to a defect in the tire, or because of the fault of another, injured victims are entitled to secure the compensation necessary to make them whole again.

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How Often Do Tire Blowouts Happen?

The United States Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that tire blowouts are responsible for approximately 11,000 car crashes every year, the majority of which are caused by underinflated tires. Recent technological advancements like tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) have helped millions of drivers recognize when their tires are underinflated, but older cars still lack this safety feature.

Not only are underinflated tires more likely to burst, they are also likely to negatively impact the car’s overall handling, decrease the effectiveness of the vehicle’s ability to brake, and make it harder for the tire itself to grip the road. A tire can lose air and become underinflated when the tire is not properly designed or constructed. As a result, it can fail internally and can come apart (delaminate). When it starts to fail, air can escape and the tire becomes underinflated. Underinflation causes a heat buildup in the tire, which hastens its failure.

But uninflated tires are not the only cause of tire failures. Sometimes the tire is not properly molded or put together at the factory. Other times, its design does not incorporate safety features, such as nylon caps, that protect against failures. There are many other causes of tire failures.

Tire manufacturers, as well as car dealers, may be liable for failing to warn of tire dangers, such as a tire being too old. Tires that have been around for six years, even if not driven much, are more prone to age related failure, and should not be used. Most people don’t know that. Some used vehicles are sold by dealers with old tires and no warnings about the danger they pose.

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