Ceiling & Building Collapse Injuries

Types Of Building Collapses And Failures

There are a number of different ways buildings can collapse that may vary depending on the type of structure. They include:

  • Inability to Support the Load: This is usually the result of poor architectural design or poor construction.
  • Corrosion or Fatigue: Over time, instability in the properties of the building materials or the overall design or geometry of the structure could lead to the formation of cracks at stress points that grow and eventually cause collapse.
  • Manufacturing Errors: Anything from poor workmanship, failure to adhere to the approved design, improper heat treating, incorrect sizing or poor material selection could lead to total failure.
  • Defective Materials: Improper manufacturing or damage from prior use could lead to failure and collapse of the structure.
  • Failure to Consider Unexpected Conditions: This type of failure could be caused by those maintaining or using the building lacking the necessary training to properly maintain it, or events like heavy snow, ice, rain, earthquakes or other natural disasters.

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