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Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers face the same risks on the road as any other motorist; the sheer number of miles they log necessarily increases their exposure to the risk of an accident. Inadequate training, fatigue, and poorly maintained equipment can further compound the occupational hazards of drivers.

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How Commercial Truck Accidents Happen

The most serious commercial truck driver accidents occur in collisions between two or more tractor-trailer combinations. Though relatively rare, accidents between big rigs of up to 80 tons do occur and are usually fatal.

They can also result from a combination of factors, including:

Working With Truck Accident Reconstruction Experts

Our 25 years of experience with the investigation and proof of complex claims allows us to develop and present your case in clear and persuasive terms. Our ability to integrate the testimony of forensic experts from many disciplines relating to highway safety and motor vehicle design can represent an important advantage in presenting a theory of causation that can hold up against a vigorous defense.

We also work effectively with experts to prove your damages claim.

In traumatic brain injury or burn cases, the defendant will often challenge the extent of the victim's injuries or underestimate the time and intensity of care necessary to achieve maximum physical recovery. Our ability to document every component of your loss with solid evidence from a physician, rehabilitation specialist or life care planning expert can make the decisive difference in settlement negotiations or at trial.

Getting Results for Injured Truck Drivers in San Diego

Whether your accident occurred while driving an 18-wheeler or delivering pizzas, we know how to analyze and develop your case for recovery of the greatest financial compensation available under the law and facts. For dependable advice and outstanding client service in any commercial truck driver accident case, do not hesitate to contact a San Diego commercial trucking accident lawyer at The McClellan Law Firm.

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