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Statistics Show Most Dangerous Roads in California

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National statistics covering a five-year period from 2004-2009 provide a guide to what are some of California's most dangerous roads, specifically those which are the scenes of the most fatal accidents.

A fatal crash is often devastating to the friends and family of the accident victim. When this type of crash occurs, families wonder whether the accident could have been prevented, whether it was caused by a dangerous road condition, or whether it was a negligent driver.

Tulare County was the 10th ranked among counties statewide with the greatest number of fatal accidents, with 74 such crashes occurring in 2009. The statistics also showed which roads in Tulare County had the most deaths in 2009, many of the fatal accidents occurring at intersections.

There were three counties in the Central Valley that had greater numbers of fatalities than Tulare County. However these counties are more heavily populated. A California Highway Patrol officer noted that more populated areas see a higher number of fatal accidents.

Statistics show that several of the dangerous roads in Tulare County over a period of 10 years ending last year include:

  • The intersection of Noble Avenue and Road 156 in Visalia with 69 crashes
  • The intersection of J Street and Prosperity Avenue in Tulare, with 63 crashes
  • The intersection of Road 120 and Avenue 416, with 61 crashes

But are these crashes due to unsafe intersections or roads? Or are the accidents the result of negligent or distracted drivers? The CHP officer believes that the crashes are more likely caused by a negligent driver rather than the conditions of the road itself.