Long Beach community mourns after five die in fatal plane crash

Posted By The McClellan Law Firm || Mar 17, 2011

The Long Beach community is currently mourning the loss of three prominent community leaders after a plane crash yesterday morning. The three were among five including the pilot who were aboard a plane when it crashed into the runway at the Long Beach Airport. A sixth individual on the plane suffered serious injuries and is currently in the hospital.

Any type of fatal accident is especially devastating to the victims' families. Often the victims' loved ones are left wondering how the accident could have happened.

According to the article, the dual-engine plane had taken off from the airport. But the pilot flew the plane back and was preparing to land when the plane crashed straight into the ground. When the aircraft burst into flames responders arrived to help extinguish the fire and rescue the six men.

An investigation has been opened by the Federal Aviation Administration to determine the cause of the crash. The FAA along with the National Transportation Safety Board is still not sure what happened.

One could speculate that there was something wrong with the plane given that the pilot took off and then returned to land. Was it a fuel problem? Was there faulty equipment? If so, who is to blame for the fatal crash?

The families of the victims will not get an answer to these and other questions they may have until the FAA investigation is complete. But if the plane manufacturer or the maintenance company is found to be responsible for the crash, the families may be entitled to compensation for their loss.

No amount of money will take away the grief that the families are experiencing. However it can help financially, especially if the families relied on the men who were killed for financial support. Compensation can also help the injured man by covering the costs of medical treatment and future therapy that he may need.

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