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Ocean Beach Hit-and-Run Accident Claims Skateboarder's Life

The McClellan Law Firm

A body was found near a skateboard park on Nimitz Boulevard in Ocean Beach early Saturday, after an apparent hit-and-run collision.

Another driver reported the body and called the police just after 6am on Saturday morning. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

San Diego police believe that the 20-year-old female victim was likely skateboarding on Nimitz when she was struck from behind by a passing vehicle. The incident occurred on a section of the street near an onramp to Interstate 8, where near-freeway speeds are not uncommon.

A police investigation will ensue to determine the identity of the driver who struck the woman and left the scene.

The driver in this case may face criminal charges – most likely felony charges – for leaving the scene of an auto accident that caused the death of another person. The driver may face vehicular manslaughter charges as well, with the possibility of years in state prison if convicted. Such criminal penalties are certainly deserved in such a serious case, but they cannot make up for the loss that the victim's family has suffered.

Skateboarders and Other "Non-Occupants" at Great Risk of Injury

In traffic accidents, skateboarders, bicyclists and pedestrians are at the greatest risk of injury. These "non-occupants" as they are referred to by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in traffic safety reports, are unprotected. Even if they are wearing helmets or other protective gear, the extent of injury that is likely in a collision with a motor vehicle is considerable.

Such accidents have the potential to cause catastrophic or fatal injuries, as was the case in this tragic collision. Broken bones, significant head trauma, internal organ damage, spinal cord injuries and other physical damage may result from even a low-speed accident with a car, truck or other vehicle. Considering an adult skateboarder may weigh anywhere from 110-200 pounds, and a passenger car may weigh about 3,000 pounds or more, depending on the make and model, a skateboarder stands little to no chance of escaping injury.

Victims and families of victims of skateboarding accidents and other traffic collisions involving pedestrians or bicyclists can seek justice against at-fault drivers by pursuing insurance claims and personal injury or wrongful death litigation. At The McClellan Law Firm, our San Diego personal injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of the injured in these important matters.

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