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NHL Facing Brain Injury Lawsuits

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The National Football League (NFL) isn't the only professional sports league that is currently facing brain injury lawsuits. Recently, the family of former National Hockey League (NHL) enforcer Derek Boogaard brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the league. The lawsuit claims that the NHL is responsible for the brain damage that may have caused Mr. Boogaard’s death.

Mr. Boogaard died from an accidental prescription drug and alcohol overdose. His family believes that his prescription drug addiction was caused in part by chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a serious brain disease that can lead to memory loss and depression. CTE is a disease that is commonly found among athletes who have suffered multiple head injuries.

Over the course of his career as a professional hockey player, Mr. Boogaard suffered multiple concussions. This includes a concussion that he incurred during the last game of professional hockey he ever played. After that game, he was sent to drug rehabilitation. He died during one of his recesses from rehabilitation.

According to the lawsuit:

  • The NHL provided Derek Boogaard with a significant number of prescription pain medications for his injuries. He was prescribed nearly 1,021 pills between the years 2008 and 2009 alone.
  • The number of prescription medications given to were the catalyst for his addiction to painkillers.
  • The NHL should have known of the concussion and addiction risks faced by enforcers in the game.
  • The NHL encouraged Mr. Boogaard to continue to play even after he suffered multiple concussions.

We expect that other former players and their families will bring similar lawsuits against the NHL as well as high school and college hockey leagues. These injuries are serious and life altering. Understanding your rights is crucial. If you were injured, you deserve access to a caring lawyer with experience in handling sports injury cases who can help you recover what you deserve.

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