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Fiery Crash Claims The Lives Of Five Victims

Craig McClellan

A curving stretch of road that has been home to accidents in the past was the site of a horrific one-car accident last week. The crash involved a Nissan carrying six people, including the driver. The vehicle went off the road near and I-5 off-ramp and struck a freeway pillar. The vehicle caught fire after the collision with a guardrail. Only one of the six people in the vehicle was able to exit in time. Police found the 18-year-old survivor roughly 50 yards from the vehicle not long after 4 a.m., when the accident took place. Investigators intend to question the young woman to attempt to discover the cause of the fatal wreck.

The survivor was not the driver of the vehicle. It is not known whether she was wearing a seat belt at the time of the collision, though it is clear that at least one person in car was not. The vehicle only contained five seat belts and was carrying six people. Early reports indicated that the young woman may have had alcohol in her system. While it is not clear if the driver was impaired by alcohol or drugs, it has been reported that speed was a likely factor in the crash.

At the point where the accident occurred, the posted speed limit is 45 miles per hour. Authorities reported that it is common to see vehicles traveling much faster than that after having left the freeway. The rapid drop in the safe speed has caused accidents at that spot in the past, according to authorities.

Source: ABC News, " 5 Dead in Fiery Crash in Southern California," 28 September 2013